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Carved Indian Furniture

Wood is the most common material used for Carved Indian Furniture. Wood lends itself to the intricate work that is a hallmark of most Carved Indian Furniture. The Indian sub-continent is rich in various kinds of wood; but teak, mango and sheesham are the most common types used in Carved Indian Furniture. Sheesham is similar to teak but has a different texture and grain. It is very hard and durable.

Carved Indian Furniture represents some of the finest traditions of the country’s handicrafts. The skill of seasoning wood and the designs has been handed down from generation to generation of master craftspeople, over the centuries. There are subtle differences in styles from various parts of the sub-continent. The western and northern areas have some of the most famous and distinctive designs.

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Families have used Carved Indian Furniture as heirlooms and hence there is a supply of antiques. However it is easier to source and to export from India, furniture made by contemporary methods but finished and made to look old. Some manufacturers and exporters have retained craftspeople that are able to custom produce items that are hard to distinguish from Carved Indian Furniture that is many centuries old. Count on Laboutiqueindia as a reliable source of quality Carved Indian Furniture. For further inquires, View our range....

Carved Indian Furniture is sometimes used for very ethnic purposes. A swing or “jhoola” is typical of homes in the western State of Gujarat. Oil lamps have been used in all Indian homes for centuries. However the handicraft can also be used for purposes as modern as for a bar or a computer workstation. Drawing room and dining furniture, incidental tables, wall hangings and doors are other important applications of Carved Indian Furniture.

This handicraft is an important investment for the home and hence quality is a key determinant. Production, maintenance and sourcing are some of the parameters that a prospective customer must keep in mind. Considerable expertise and wide experience are required and the reputation and resources of a supplier, manufacturer and exporter should be kept in mind once a family decides to acquire Carved Indian Furniture.

India is replete with treasures from the worlds of arts and crafts. The heritage has been preserved for the world to enjoy. One can buy small artifacts such as boxes and key-holders at relatively low prices. Everyone can be a proud owner of a piece of Carved Indian Furniture and it can add character and tradition to every home.

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